Andover Temporary Pool is under construction!

Thank you to all those swimmers and parents who have stuck by the Club over the last few months in what can only be described as challenging times.

The vast majority of feedback has been positive despite the nomadic nature of our Club at present. Sessions at The Aquadrome, QMC and The Rapids have been well attended in the main which has been very encouraging. We should also pass on sincere thanks to all the volunteers who have helped either swim teaching or behind the scenes, as well as our two established coaches. There are never enough people to help so please step forward, your Club does need you.

Whilst we have been maintaining a swimming programme, in the background the Club has been having a number of discussions and meetings with both Test Valley Borough Council and Places for People (PfP) particularly about what happens when the temporary pool is available. As a reminder the temporary pool will be a 25m 4 lane pool with a constant depth of 1.2m, so the pressure on water time from a number of sources will be acute.

The good news is that the provisional pool timetable allocates time to the Club on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, all evenings. There is also scope to do early mornings if there is enough demand and help available! At the moment we are pulling together what sessions can be held in the allocated times we have discussed with PfP and while some of the timings are not ideal there are some that are great. Please watch out for more information on proposed session times.

At the moment the expectation is that the temporary pool will be available from September although this has not yet been formally confirmed.One other key update is that PfP’s preferred method of allocating and charging for pool time is for the Club to be invoiced for all sessions agreed, billed monthly in advance, this is different to the previous model at the old leisure centre operated by Valley Leisure. This means that the Club’s charging structure will have to change, Rather than paying a small monthly fee to the Club and then paying entry to the leisure operator for any other session attended, the fee that the Club will need to charge will be fully inclusive of the sessions the swimmer attends. The payment structure will move to a tiered structure which will cover 1 swim, 2 swims or 3 or more swims. This means that the current £16 fee which only covered the Monday Club Night session previously will increase with higher amounts payable for more swim sessions attended. However, in mitigation of this swimmers will no longer need to pay entry or be a member of the leisure operator for any swim club session attended. This will be a much simpler model and easier to follow. The aim will be to keep the monthly fee as low as possible but inevitably fees will need to be higher to cover the costs of operating the Club. Full details of the new charging structure along with initial proposals for allocated swim sessions will be issued shortly.

In the meantime, once again thank you for supporting ASWPC – it is a volunteer run Club so always needs new faces and help. If you are interested in helping out, even in a small way, please reply to this mail or talk to one of the committee.

For those taking a well-earned break over the Summer, enjoy, have fun and be raring to go again in September!